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Fish of the Week - African Pompano   African Pompano   

Alectis ciliaris


  • Body is deep and compressed.
  • Coloration is metalic-blue above, silvery below.
  • Snout is blunt.
  • Dorsal and anal fins with no more than one finlet apiece.
  • Second dorsal and anal fins are falcate (sickle shaped). 
  • Body becomes relatively longer with age.

Size: To 40 pounds (42 inches). 

Habitat: Young are found in the open ocean. Adults are found to depths of 180 feet often associated with reefs, wrecks and rock ledges.

Notes: Great fighter and good to eat; often found in schools over structure.

Art © Diane Rome Peebles

From mangroves to salt marshes, Florida is the "Fishing Capital of the World." We hope you'll find the information below handy for planning your next Florida fishing trip, be it commercial or recreational.

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