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Florida's marine fisheries provide over 2.5 million recreational anglers with sport fishing opportunities and over 15,000 commercial fishers with employment. The public expects FWRI to protect and enhance these resources for future generations.

Acoustic Telemetry Research


Angler Tag Return

Report a Tagged Fish | Goliath Grouper | Largemouth Bass | Florida Red Drum | Snook | Sturgeon


Bonefish Recruitment Dynamics and Genetic Population Structure Study | How You Can Help | Fieldwork

Commercial and Recreational Fisheries

Commercial Fisheries | Recreational Fisheries

Commercial Fisheries Photos and Reporting Codes

Food and Bait Finfish | Food and Bait Invertebrates | Marine Life Finfish | Marine Life Invertebrates | Marine Plants | Prohibited Species

Crustaceans - Marine Arthropods

Blue Crabs | Horseshoe Crabs | Lobster | Shrimp | Stone Crabs

Fish Health

Fish Kills and Fish Kill Hotline | Program Projects and Research | Reported Fish Kills and Abnormalities | Water Quality and Contaminants


Bay Scallops | Calico Scallops | Eastern Oysters | Hard Clams | Queen Conch | Other Molluscs | Resources

Nonnative Species

Nonnative Marine Life | Nonnative Species Information | What Fish is This?

Reef Fish

General Information | Sampling and Monitoring | Reproduction and Histology

Saltwater Fish

Saltwater Fisheries Research | Age and Growth Lab | Saltwater Fish Catalog | What Fish is This? | Dolphin | Florida Pompano | Grouper | Lionfish | Mullet | Other Fish Information | Permit | Red Drum | Reef Fish | Sawfish | Snook | Spotted Seatrout | Tarpon | Wahoo

Sharks and Rays

Shark Attacks | Shark Fisheries | Species Profiles: Sharks | Species Profiles: Rays

Specimen Collections

Specimen Information Services (SIS)

Status and Trends

Species Account - Finfish | Species Account - Invertebrates | Status and Trends Report

Stock Assessments

Finfish Stock Assessments | Invertebrate Stock Assessments

Stock Enhancement

Projects and Research | Outreach and Education | General Information | Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative


Living with Sturgeon | Conservation and Legislation | General Information on Sturgeon | Research


General Information about Tarpon | Tarpon Catch-and-Release | Tarpon Genetics

FWC Facts:
Adult Florida bass usually eat crayfish and other fish, but on rare occasions eat snakes and birds.

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