Sea Turtles

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Sea turtles have existed for 110 million years and yet the species living today face an uncertain future.  Habitat encroachment and degredation, pollution, incidental capture in commercial fisheries, and strikes by watercraft are only some of the hazards sea turtles must face as each species struggles to stay alive.

The Division of Habitat and Species Conservation 
Imperiled Species Management Section (ISM)

ISM is primarily responsible for the management efforts of sea turtle recovery. This includes reviewing permits for coastal construction and other beach activities, commenting on land acquisition and management of nesting habitat, evaluating the success of protection measures in the field, and administration of permits for sea turtle research and rehabilitation.



Sea Turtles and Lights

Hatchling-emergenceCoastal Construction, Permit Reviews, and Beach Activities
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Marine Turtle Permits: 

Through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the FWC reviews, issues, and administers permits for both research and management activities conducted with marine turtles within the state.

Apply for or Renew Marine Turtle Permit

Florida Administrative Code 68E-1: Marine Turtle Permit Rule Adobe PDF

Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook Adobe PDF


Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI)

FWRI is responsible for conducting and coordinating research on Florida’s sea turtles to provide information on abundance, distribution, mortality, and other factors that contribute to management decisions.



Florida's Sea Turtles

Sea-turtle-researchResearch Projects

Mortality in Florida




Get Involved

Download informational brochures and activity pages and find out what you can do to help sea turtles in Florida.  Support sea turtle conservation buy purchasing a decal or license plate.  Report someone disturbing a sea turtle nest or an injured, dead, or harassed sea turtle to Wildlife Alert.



 Education and Information

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Decals and License Plates


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