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The TrophyCatch External Website angler recognition program is the hallmark of the long-term Florida Black Bass Management Plan (BBMP). TrophyCatch promotes ecological, social and economic values that are important to everyone who supports conservation. TrophyCatch will help ensure that Florida is the undisputed “Bass Fishing Capital of the World” through the Black Bass Management Plan.


The program:

  • Creates a statewide record keeping system to document catches of trophy bass.
  • Instills a stronger catch and release conservation ethic among anglers.
  • Educates anglers about the importance of trophy fish to our fish populations.
  • Allows the public to participate in the management of Florida’s unique aquatic resources.
  • Provides an understanding of the necessary components of a trophy fishery.


Angler releasing a trophy largemouth bass





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  • Go to External Website to register.
  • Legally catch a largemouth bass heavier than eight pounds (8 lbs) anywhere in Florida.
  • Photograph the entire bass from head to tail on a scale with the weight legible.*
  • Release the bass alive where you caught it.
  • Log-in to your TrophyCatch page (with the credentials you used to register at External Website), click "Add a New Catch", upload the photo and complete the entry form, then submit. Upon submitting you attest to the fact the bass was legally caught, accurately documented and released, and allow your image and information to be shared publically.
  • Once verified you will receive an email notification, your photos will be shared on the web and via External Website, and from your site you will be able to download a customized certificate. Other awards including a club decal will be sent to you via mail (see below for specific rewards).

* Note: always  try to get a "perfect photo" of the entire fish on a scale, with the weight legible. If possible supplement it with photos of a close-up of the scale reading, a photo of the length and or girth, bragging and release photos. These will be considered by a verification team for possible approval.

TrophyCatch measurement requirements

* Tournament anglers may submit a bragging photo and link to a website that shows their name and the official verified weight of an individual bass for verification.

* Anglers whose bass is weighed and witnessed by an FWC employee or volunteer may also provide information about the witness to have their catch documented (e.g. a creel clerk or conservation officer).


TrophyCatch Size Tiers:


TrophyCatch Lunker bass

Lunker Club

(8-9.99 pounds)

TrophyCatch Trophy bass

Trophy Club

(10-12.99 pounds)

TrophyCatch Hall Of Fame bass

Hall of Fame Club

(13 pounds or greater)

Bass graphics by Duane Raver, Jr.


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  • Angler Recognition Ruler Adobe PDF
    Note: The ruler can be customized for partners to print with their own logo replacing the "Record Your Catch" box, as a personalized advertisement.



This program is supported by Federal Aid in Sportfish Restoration (SFR).

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