Hunting and Game Management

The Division of Hunting and Game Management provides for the safe and responsible use of wildlife species that are hunted. Specifically, we:

  • offer scientific expertise on game wildlife such as alligators, deer, small game, waterfowl and wild turkeys;
  • develop science-based management strategies for game wildlife, including hunting regulations;
  • provide hunter safety training and certification to citizens through volunteer instructors.  This training includes:
    • instruction in safe and lawful use of firearms;
    • principles of wildlife conservation;
    • outdoor ethics.
  • develop and manage public shooting ranges;
  • develop regulations and brochures for wildlife management areas, wildlife and environmental areas, and other public hunting areas throughout the state.

Through these activities, we strive to benefit Florida citizens who use, enjoy and depend on healthy game wildlife.

Diane Eggeman is the division director.

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