Office of General Counsel

The Legal Office is directly under the Executive Director's Office and provides a wide range of legal services to all divisions and offices of the Commission.

FWC Statement of Agency Organization and Operation Adobe PDF (269KB)

FWC's Legal Office accepts interns and externs for the summer and throughout the school year. Externs can apply through their law school's externship program. Interested intern applicants, or law students interested in obtaining their pro bono certificate, can email a resume and short cover letter stating his or her interests and availability to The Legal Office also encourages law school externship programs or career planning offices to contact us to learn about our opportunities.


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Bud G. Vielhauer - General Counsel

Quilla Miralia - Deputy General Counsel

Brandy Elliott - Assistant General Counsel

Andy Grayson - Assistant General Counsel

Anthony Pinzino - Assistant General Counsel

Bridget McDonnell - Assistant General Counsel

Tyler Parks - Assistant General Counsel

Jake Whealdon - Assistant General Counsel

Sharmin Hibbert - Assistant General Counsel

Kristina Butler - Operations & Mgt. Consultant I

Hollie Weathersbee - Records Management Liaison Officer

Jill Canfield - Administrative Assistant II


Contact Information:

Fax: 850-487-1790


FWC Facts:
You must be at least 18 years of age to rent a personal watercraft in Florida.

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