Public Access and Wildlife Viewing

The Office of Public Access and Wildlife Viewing Services (OPAWVS) provides opportunities for Floridians and visitors to view wildlife and experience the rugged expanses of Florida's wildlife management area system Not a Mobile-Enabled Link. OPAWVS staff work with agency biologists to develop wildlife-viewing sites and recreational trails. We also develop recreation guides and interpretive products to increase visitors' enjoyment and understanding of wildlife and wildlife habitat and how the FWC works to sustain them.

OPAWVS staff develop statewide wildlife-viewing projects such as the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail External Website and provide technical assistance to local governments and other agencies to help them develop wildlife-viewing sites and programs that conserve wildlife habitat while creating economic benefits in their communities. Hundreds of volunteers help develop recreational trails, offer interpretive programs and conduct conservation work through the volunteer projects coordinated by this office.

The office has 15 employees and is directed by Jerrie Lindsey.

FWC Facts:
The range of a male Florida black bear is about 60,000 acres. For a female, it's 15,000 acres.

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