Support Offices Budget Summary

Funding source FTE FTE salaries Other costs
ATF   $5,221,054 $7,868,025
FGTF   $0 $500,000
LATF   $5,896,181 $8,124
GDTF   $0 $1,036,649
GR   $0 $55,00
Total operating   $11,117,235 $9,467,7980
Total budget 166.5 $11,117,235 $9,467,798

These offices provide central administrative support to all agency programs. The following offices are included in this group: Office of Policy & Planning Coordination, Office of Strategic Initiatives, Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of Inspector General, Office of Information Technology, Finance and Budget Office, Legal Office, Office of Regional Operations, Office of Human Resources and Office of the Executive Director. 

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