Youth Services

Rae Waddell, Director
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

Youth Services coordinates youth conservation programming in the FWC and engages stakeholders in the process of developing and implementing programs to create the next generation that cares about fish and wildlife and their habitats. Youth Services oversees the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network, a public/private initiative that provides a statewide network of places where youth and their families can participate in sustainable outdoor activities and safely share experiences that inspire lifelong support of fish and wildlife conservation. Youth services is also developing and delivering a standardized youth conservation curriculum and program.


Office of Youth Services budget summary

Funding Source FTE FTE salaries Other costs
SGTF   $76,821 $43,367
Total operating   $76,821 $43,367
Fixed capital outlay   $0 $0
Total budget 1.5 $76,821 $43,367

Glossary of funding sources


FWC Facts:
The Bowhunter Education Course covers the history of bowhunting and places special emphasis on fundamental skills, techniques, tackle, safety and ethics.

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