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Minor Violation Rules Hunting Regulations
Boating Regulations Proposed Rule Changes
Captive Wildlife Ch. 68, F.A.C.
Conditional and Prohibited Species Florida Statutes
Fishing - Freshwater Regulations Florida Constitution
Fishing - Saltwater Regulations  Wildlife Assistance


About the rulemaking process

The FWC is responsible for managing Florida's fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people. This often involves enacting and enforcing rules and regulations governing human activity in many areas - such as hunting and fishing, operating boats, possessing captive wildlife and dealing with nuisance animals.

Because rules are made, changed and repealed throughout the year, agency staff frequently interacts with affected individuals and the general public.

The FWC abides by Ch. 120, Florida Statutes, when making rules. In doing so, we notify the public of rulemaking activity through the Florida Administrative Weekly. Rulemaking often includes direct contact with those who may be affected, extensive discussions with stakeholder groups, and public meetings to gather input from interested parties.

Final decisions on rules usually happen at Commission meetings, held five times a year in locations throughout the state. We also provide public notice of various meetings through our website calendar.

FWC Facts:
White-tailed deer are the most important game species in Florida.

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