Boating in Florida

Inflatable Life Jackets

As the weather and water cools off, it may seem that people are not boating as much around Florida. However, due to holidays, family vacations, and water-related hunting activities, there are still plenty of boaters out and about throughout the state. This is not the time to drop your guard while on the water. People should always wear a life jacket and keep up the safe boating.  The use of an inflatable life jacket makes it easy to comfortably wear one every time you go boating.

The FWC's Division of Law Enforcement works to provide safe and enjoyable boating for the people of Florida and its visitors through the effective and coordinated management of our waterways. We will strive to work with all stakeholders when developing rules and making statutory recommendations. We will accomplish this by incorporating sound scientific data, reasonable public input and common sense. We will work to formulate the best solutions possible without jeopardizing our natural resources or our freedoms to navigate.

FWC Facts:
Boat/PWC renters who are required by law to have a boater education ID card must carry the card or its equivalent before the facility may rent to them.

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