Waterway Markers

FWC is responsible for properly marking the boating restricted areas and manatee protection zones implemented under its authority. Boating and Waterways staff continuously monitor FWC maintained markers for repairs. Staff reviews locations of markers and plan for changes to increase effectiveness of public awareness and vessel operator compliance. As rules are amended staff plan for adjustments to markers posting the zones.

For municipalities, counties, or other governmental entities to place any safety, regulatory, informational, and/or navigation marker in, on, or over the waters or shores of the state, must make application for a permit to the Boating and Waterways Section within the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (Ch. 327.40. Florida Statutes).

In some cases, markings for safety or navigation purposes require permits from other state or federal agencies. It would be suggested that you contact our office at, 850-488-5600 or email Waterway.Management@MyFWC.com for guidance in these instances.

Statutory Authority

FWC Facts:
The operator of a boat towing a skier may not pull the skier close enough to a fixed object or another vessel to create a risk of collision.

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