Promoting and Marketing Trail

Kayaking on Fisheating Creek

From the onset, work with outfitters and paddling clubs to develop "buy-in" and support from the local community affected by the addition or expansion of a trail.

Once the trail is completed, organize a kick-off event with local paddling groups or outfitters. Some possibilities include planning a kayak fishing tournament, offering a demonstration day, or coordinating with other local clubs to provide birding or nature tours. Invite media contacts to attend the event and offer tours for the media to promote your new trail.

To maintain ongoing trail support and possible volunteer assistance, develop alliances with a number of different sources: form "Friends of the Trail' groups, Community Support Organizations (CSO), develop partnerships with corporate sponsors, work with local Tourism Development Councils (TDC), and VISIT Florida.

Plan annual clean-up events with local civic groups or volunteers to maintain interest and support for the trail.

Speak at local paddling and outdoor clubs and provide links to on-line paddling sites, TDCs, and outfitters.

For assistance with the planning and design of paddling trails, please contact the Office of Public Access and Widlife Viewing at 850-488-5520.

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