Fish Orlando!

Many people do not know that the greater Orlando urban region houses over 60,000 acres of freshwater, providing many exciting angling opportunities for the 2 million local residents and over 40 million yearly visitors from around the world.  Florida is the Bass Fishing Capital of the World, and what better gateway to promote our outstanding freshwater resource than centrally located Orlando, Florida.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation commission's mission through Fish Orlando is to create, conserve, and promote convenient quality fishing opportunities in the greater Orlando area.  To accomplish our mission we practice management strategies based on applied science as well as maintaining elaborate communication with our stakeholders.  Because over 90% of those fishing today got started by a family member, Fish Orlando's marketing slogan is "Bringing Quality Fishing to Families".

Presently, our program focuses its work in Orange County forming partnerships with the City of Orlando, City of Ocoee, City of Winter Park, Orange County, BASS PRO SHOPS and a variety of other business and volunteer/civic groups.

To date, the Fish Orlando program has two main components:  The FAB FIVE and the URBAN PONDS.  The FAB FIVE are five water bodies managed for quality size fish and/or a unique fishing experience.  The URBAN PONDS are water bodies managed for beginning anglers and those that love to eat their catch.  Both provide quality family fishing and are the center point of various events, programs and promotions.  All are, or will be, Fish Management Areas (FMA's), which give them special status within our Commission.

In addition to the two primary components, Fish Orlando also manages or helps oversee other water bodies in the greater Orlando area that are not FAB FIVE water bodies or URBAN PONDS.  Some of them are FMA's because they were an integral part of earlier efforts of Orlando's urban fishery program, but now, due to redirection of the program, do not receive as much attention.  Others are not FMA's but because of their resources and fishery, they are given attention.  All offer a chance for the greater Orlando angler to enjoy a quality fishing experience.

Current Fishing Forecasts for the Fish Orlando sites are available. Directions to the FAB FIVE, URBAN PONDS and other water bodies within the greater Orlando area are found in our Fish Orlando Fishing Map. For a free copy of the Fish Orlando Fishing Map or a schedule of our annual Fish Orlando Family Fishing Events, please contact our FWC office at 352-732-1225 or


Fish Orlando! App


New "Fish Orlando!" iPhone App now available!

This app will give you key information about the "Fish Orlando!" sites, where they are, their amenities, what the target species are at each location, and even a map to show you the way. More information is available at the iTunes store External Website or by searching "Fish Orlando" in the App Store on your iPhone.


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