FAB FIVE - Lake Ivanhoe

Size: 125 acres

Species focus: Largemouth bass

Partner: City of Orlando

Target constituency: Greater Orlando residents and visitors

Amenities: Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, this beautiful lake can be seen from I-4 around the Ivanhoe exit.  Although locals have dubbed this FMA a water skier stronghold, there are several fishing opportunities for fishermen that know when and where to go.  Bank anglers can park their car under the shade of the I-4 overpass along Lakeview Drive (located on the south side of the middle lobe).

lake-Ivanhoe.jpgBoat anglers put in at the ramp on Ivanhoe Blvd (Gaston-Edwards Park) and often have the lake to themselves early in the morning and during the cooler months.  Gaston-Edwards Park also has a volleyball court, restaurant, and playground.  For more information on Gaston-Edwards Park call the City of Orlando Parks at 407-246-2283.



Fishery: Lake Ivanhoe was selected as a FAB FIVE based on the lake's potential to produce quality size largemouth bass.  When patterned properly, this lake can yield 5 fish, 25 lb stringers of bass.  As of 2010 it had one of the highest electrofishing catch rates of memorable (greater than or equal to 20 inch) largemouth bass in Florida.  Hard work by the City of Orlando's Streets and Stormwater has allowed for abundant submersed vegetation which along with the lake's abundant nutrients creates a good bass fishery.  Although bass in the 10 lb range are not common, the lake does produce an occasional fish in the 8-9 lb range.  Because of its proximity to the urban center and its good reputation, it receives some of the highest fishing pressure of any of the Orlando waters.  This can sometimes result in difficulty in patterning the fish; particularly if they are not active.  In addition to largemouth bass, Ivanhoe has black crappie (speck), bluegill, redbreast sunfish, redear sunfish, spotted sunfish and warmouth.  The lake is not particularly known as a speck fishery and most of the panfish are abundant but less than 6 inches in length.

General Fishing Tips: In the winter/spring look for bass to be on near the bank.  Soft jerk baits and spinnerbaits are good lures to start with.  In the summer, investigate the drop-offs that have submersed vegetation on the break.  A good rig to try is a small 4 inch plastic worm with a small pinch-on weight a foot or so in front of the worm.  If the fish are active try lipless crankbaits or hard jerk baits.

Regulations: There is a 14 inch minimum size on largemouth bass (5 fish bag, only 1 greater than or equal to  22 inches), 25 black crappie (no size limit), 20 panfish (no size limit); 6 channel catfish (no size limit); possession of cast nets is prohibited.  For convenience, all the regulations have been posted in informational kiosks at two locations (Gaston-Edwards Park boat ramp and next to parking lot under I-4 overpass).

FWC Facts:
Our bass fisheries provide significant value to our state. Ensuring healthy lakes and rivers benefits many species of fish and wildlife as well as trophy fisheries.

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