FAB FIVE - Lake Underhill

Size: 147 acres

Species focus: Largemouth bass

Partner: City of Orlando

Target constituency: Greater Orlando residents and visitors

Amenities: Lake Underhill can be seen from the 408 East-West Expressway in east Orlando as the Expressway dissects the lake in half.

9 lb bass from Lake Underhill

Bank fishing is available along the southern shore.  A public boat ramp is located in a small park on the east end of the southern lobe.  A sidewalk is located along the south lobe perimeter, providing a convenient place to walk, jog, or take your dog for a stroll.  For more information on Lake Underhill call City of Orlando Parks at 407-246-2283.

Fishery: Once again credit goes to the City of Orlando's Streets and Stormwater for creating abundant submersed vegetation that drives this outstanding bass fishery.  This combined with the largemouth bass catch-and-release regulation makes Lake Underhill one of the best of the FAB FIVE to catch a memorable (greater than 20 inch) largemouth bass.  Like Lake Ivanhoe, the good bass fishermen, under good conditions, can experience 5 fish stringers that weigh 20 - 25 lbs.  At one time Lake Underhill received less fishing pressure than Starke and Ivanhoe, but the news of the good bass fishing has spread in the last five years and it is not uncommon to share this small lake with several bass boats in a given morning or evening.

Other fish that can be caught besides largemouth bass include black crappie (speck), bluegill, redear sunfish (shellcracker), warmouth and white catfish.  Similar to Ivanhoe and Starke, the speck fishery is not reputable and the panfish are abundant but usually less than 6 inches.

General Fishing Tips: During the winter/spring, bass fishing is productive near the bank fishing soft plastic baits (e.g. flukes, worms and crawfish) in 5 - 8 feet of water.  During the summer months, try fishing deeper water (i.e. 10 - 18 feet) adjacent to submersed aquatic vegetation using Carolina, Texas or wacky rigged plastic worms.  A topwater right before dark or even into dark can often be the ticket to catching the larger bass.  The lake can receive heavy Jet Ski traffic in the warmer months so during this time fish early in the morning and/or target the northern lobe, which is generally less traveled.

Regulations: Catch-and-release for largemouth bass, 25 fish bag for black crappie (no minimum size), 20 fish bag for bluegill (no size limit), 6 fish bag for channel catfish (no size limit), possession of cast nets is prohibited.  For convenience, lake regulations have been posted in an informational kiosk at the boat ramp.

FWC Facts:
Healthy lakes with vibrant fisheries enhance property values & development potential and justify the need for sustainable development practices to protect them into the future.

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