Economics & Financial Resources

Challenging economic times provide an opportunity to think differently about how we value resources and how to achieve our goals. For example, wildlife viewing is in an important outdoor activity in Florida, so ensuring those animals are thriving helps protect coastal economies, too. Partnering to find and use financial resources is also necessary to achieving our conservation goals.

2011 Florida Outdoor Recreation Participation Survey External Website Adobe PDF

Grant Funding Sources

Florida's State Wildlife Grants Program

FDEP Coastal Partnership Initiative External Website

FDEP Land and Recreation Grants Program External Website

Sea Grant State Program Funding Opportunities External Website

USFWS Coastal Program External Website

NOAA Office for Coastal Management External Website

NOAA NMFS Habitat Conservation External Website

NOAA Coastal and Natural Resource Management External Website

NOAA Climate Program Office External Website

Walt Disney Annual Conservation Grants External Website

Coastal Partnership Initiative External Website

NOAA Grant Page External Website


Current Grant Opportunities

NOAA Regional Coastal Resilience Grant ProgramExternal Website

-Announcement External Website Adobe PDF

Climate  Funding Opportunities Adobe PDF


FWC Facts:
Florida is a peninsula, which contributes to the number of invasive species affecting our ecosystem.

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