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Burrowing Owl

Prescribed fire is a key component of sandhill and scrub management

Deployment of a helium-filled balloon for aerial photography
Deployment of a helium-filled balloon for aerial photography

Divers collect data
Divers collect data for FWRI's Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Project

Fish project
Biologists study the fish assemblage of a softwater stream

Divers count the diversity and abundance of fish in an assessment of the health of this spring run
Divers count the diversity and abundance of fish in an assessment of the health of this spring run

Biologists prepare a trap for capturing Scrub Jays in order to band them for future monitoring
An insect-collecting apparatus is prepared for sampling the insect population of this scrub habitat

Florida's State Wildlife Action Plan (previously the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy) is an action plan for conserving all of the state's wildlife and vital natural areas for future generations. It outlines what native wildlife and habitats are in need, why they are in need and, most importantly, what we are going to do about it. The Action Plan was part of a nation-wide effort by all 56 states and U.S. territories to develop action plans and qualify for federal funding. Over a 14-month period in 2004-2005 Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative involved state, federal and local agencies, universities and education centers, conservation organizations, recreation groups, businesses, and the public. Approximately 1,200 natural resource experts and individuals received e-mails encouraging them to participate in the plan development. More than 500 people contributed to questionnaires and participated in 16 workshops, two conferences, an open house, and an on-line virtual workshop, resulting in over 5,000 comments on two draft documents. Completed in September 2005, the Action Plan was approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in December 2005. Now the Initiative is working with partners to take action from Florida's Action Plan .

Check out our interactive website, featuring an Internet Mapping Service (IMS) with data for each habitat and the Critical Lands and Waters Identification Project (CLIP) - the science behind the Cooperative Conservation Blueprint. The website includes FAQs, instructions for using the site and handy help tools.

Florida's Approach and Development Process (PDF 109kb) - A section of the Action Plan detailing the development process

Action Plan Revisions

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