Florida's State Wildlife Action Plan Revisions

In October of 2005, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) completed its Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy, more currently recognized as the State Wildlife Action Plan (Action Plan). The Action Plan is part of a nationwide framework for proactively conserving our fish and wildlife including their habitats. Detailed in the pages was a commitment to revisit the plan every five years, with 2010 marking the beginning of a revision period.

The FWC is leading efforts to revise the Action Plan in two phases. The first phase was completed in October 2011 and the second phase is planned to be completed in 2017.

Efforts during the first phase focused on, 1) revising our Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) list, 2) writing and incorporating a chapter on climate change, 3) revising our approach to conserving freshwater habitats, 4) incorporating information on the first five years of Action Plan implementation, and, 5) reducing redundancy, and reorganizing to improve clarity and readability.

The second phase will focus on different topics including, continued integration of climate change into the document and revising the habitat categories as well as the corresponding GIS information, threats and actions.

Working with partners these past five years we have learned a lot about what works well, and what needs to be working better. This has been our first opportunity to make several substantial improvements to the effectiveness of this Action Plan and the allocation of State Wildlife Grant funds.


Your participation is key to ensuring that this Action Plan is an effective tool for conserving Florida's diversity of wildlife resources for future generations.

Draft Documents:

As part of our longstanding commitment to working with stakeholders, partners, and the public, the FWC welcomed input and comments on the revised Action Plan throughout the month of August 2011. Thanks to everyone who submitted comments! The FWC has reviewed all feedback received and edited the draft Action Plan. The revised Action Plan was submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for review in October, 2011. Draft copies may  be requested by contacting Brian Branciforte at brian.branciforte@myfwc.com.

Questions or comments concerning the State Wildlife Action Plan revisions are welcome and can be sent to ActionPlan.Revision@myfwc.com.

News and Resources

Action Plan Revisions Presentation (August 2011) Adobe PDF - provides an overview of the major revision topics and the work done in phase 1, and explains how to comment on the Action Plan.

Phase 1: 2011 Revisions Timeline

Action Plan Revision Presentation (September 2010) PDF - provides background information about the Action Plan, and introduces the revision process, what parts of the Action Plan are being revised when and how, and how YOU can get involved.

Action Plan Revision FAQs

FWLI Summer 2010 Newsletter PDF - featuring more details on every aspect of the strategy revision, plus other FWLI news.

Questions or Comments?

Questions or comments concerning the State Wildlife Action Plan revisions are welcome and can be sent to ActionPlan.Revision@myfwc.com.

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