Action Plan Monitoring and Adaptation

Goal: Address landscape-level issues to enhance and evaluate implementation of the State Wildlife Action Plan and provide information necessary for adaptive management.

Better Tern

Objective 1: By 2018, revise the State Wildlife Action Plan.

Description: The Action Plan will be evaluated and the highest priority updates will be incorporated. Staff is revising the habitat classification system and associated GIS data, updating the threats and actions components, and integrating climate change adaptation planning.  See the Action Plan Revision page for more.


Objective 2: By 2018, develop, expand and/or improve species and habitat monitoring systems, so that they may be used to more effectively evaluate SGCN and their habitats, evaluate the effectiveness of conservation efforts, and prioritize future efforts as part of an adaptive management process.


Description: See the Monitoring page for more.


Objective 3: By 2018, address comprehensive adaptation planning and incorporate these strategies into the action plan in response to the threat of climate change to SGCN and their habitats.

Description: See the Climate Change page for more.

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