Objective-based Vegetative Management

FWC Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and Wildlife Environmental Areas (WEAs)

OBVM is being implemented on the FWC Wildlife Management System where FWC has lead management responsibilities.

You may download supporting OBVM documents and natural community data by using the interactive map or clicking on the WMA/WEA name to display available documents such as sampling plans, historic and natural community data shape files, and natural community mapping reports.

Escribano Apalachicola River Box R Aucilla L. Kirk Edwards Branan Field Fort White Suwannee Ridge Big Bend Guana River Caravelle Ranch Joe Budd Andrews FWC Wildlife Management Areas Lead Area Acres Map
Region Map ID Wildlife Management Area (WMA)/
Wildlife and Environmental Area (WEA)
Total Area Acres


1 Apalachicola River WMA 82825
2 Box - R WMA 7599
3 Joe Budd WMA 11604
4 Aucilla WMA 48497
5 Escribano Point WMA 1172
6 L. Kirk Edwards WMA 732

North Central

7 Branan Field Mitigation Park WEA 383
8 Fort White Mitigation Park WEA 1329
9 Suwannee Ridge Mitigation Park WEA 1429
10 Andrews WMA 3469
11 Big Bend WMA 93455
12 Half Moon WMA 9533


13 Guana River WMA 9179
14 Three Lakes WMA 61580
15 Triple N Ranch WMA 15541
16 Salt Lake WMA 4937
17 Split Oak Mitigation Park WEA 1788
18 Tosahatchee WMA 28572
19 Caravelle Ranch WMA 29074


20 Chassahowitzka WMA 33454
21 Chinsegut Nature Center WEA 1140
22 Perry Oldenberg Mitigation Park WEA 375
23 Little Gator Creek WMA 574
24 Babcock-Webb WMA 80622
25 Hilochee WMA 15875
26 Lake Wales Ridge WEA 15238
27 Bullfrog Creek Mitigation Park WEA 829
28 Hickey Creek Mitigation Park WEA 781
29 Moody Branch Mitigation Park WEA 959
30 Platt Branch Mitigation Park WEA 1989


31 Hungryland WEA 15744
32 J. W. Corbett WMA 61136
33 Okaloacoochee Slough WMA 35190
34 Fisheating Creek WMA 18267
35 Spirit of the Wild WMA 7487
36 Dinner Island Ranch WMA 21706
37 Everglades WMA 666458
38 Holey Land WMA 34628
39 Rotenburger WMA 29027
FWC Wildlife Management Areas Lead Area Acres Map Half Moon Three Lakes Triple N Ranch Salt Lake Split Oak Chassahowitzka Chinsegut Little Gator Creek Babcock Webb Hilochee Lake Wales Ridge Bullfrog Creek Hickey Creek Moody Ranch Okaloacoochee Slough Fish Eating Creek /> <area shape= Dinner Island Rotenberger Hungryland J.W. Corbett Holeyland Everglades

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Florida is a peninsula, which contributes to the number of invasive species affecting our ecosystem.

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