Recreational boating is widely available to Floridians and tourists both in fresh and saltwater.  In a state as populous as Florida that also has so many tourists visiting to enjoy our resources, maintaining safe and sustainable boating opportunities must be a shared responsibility.  As a boater, we encourage you to abide by and encourage the following conservation considerations:

  • Take a boating safety course.

  • Never Litter and when possible remove any litter that you find.

  • Consult tide and navigation charts to ensure you have adequate clearance and avoid shallow waters that your boat motor will stir up.

  • Don't power through rooted aquatic vegetation, it is a vital portion of our fisheries habitat.  Be aware of your wake and it's impact along the shore, on other boaters and on man-made structures.

  • Report violations.

FWC Facts:
Our bass fisheries provide significant value to our state. Ensuring healthy lakes and rivers benefits many species of fish and wildlife as well as trophy fisheries.

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