NASP Archery Equipment

The Genesis Bow

Every child, regardless of their height or weight, can shoot the same bow. The typical compound bow is made so you draw a certain poundage at a certain length. Mathews pioneered the technology of the Genesis Bow so they don't have a draw length, and the same bow can be used by youths of any age or size.

Start-up Equipment package

  • Rack of bows10 right handed Genesis bows
  • 2 left handed Genesis bows
  • 5 Block FITA bulls eye targets (36 inch)
  • 5 dozen full-length aluminum arrows
  • 1 backstop safety net
  • 1 equipment repair package
  • 1 bow stand

The equipment's retail value is approximately $5,000, but is available to participating schools for approximately $3,000, shipping included.

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