Kids' Fishing Activity Box

The Kids' Saltwater Fishing Activity Box is a compact version of FWC's Kids' Saltwater Fishing Clinics that is sent out to local hosts so that they can put on an event for participants.

The program is designed to introduce children to fishing methods and techniques while instructing them about Florida's marine resources and the importance of conservation.  The box includes supplies to put on stations for Good Angling, Knot Tying, Fish Adaptations, Internal and External Fish Anatomy, Habitat, Casting and Tackle.

Information is also available for the program's instructions, requirements for a good event and event protocol Adobe PDF and curriculum.


If you are interested in obtaining a Kids' Saltwater Fishing Activity Box or need more information, please contact:

Division of Marine Fisheries Management

Outreach and Education

(850) 487-0554


FWC Facts:
The Bowhunter Education Course covers the history of bowhunting and places special emphasis on fundamental skills, techniques, tackle, safety and ethics.

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