1. Find a site!

Things to consider when looking for a site:

Parking/Handicap Access: Does the site have suitable parking and access?

Access to salt water: If you plan on fishing during your event, access to salt water is important

Space: Does the site have enough space to accommodate the number of participants/volunteers you are expecting?


2. Recruit volunteers.

It is up to you to provide enough volunteers to run your event.  The FWC recommends at least 2 volunteers per station.  Some good resources for volunteers in your area are local fishing clubs, the Boys and Girls clubs, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, 4-H, local charter boat captains, and church groups. 


3.  Identify and recruit sponsors, if necessary.

Sometimes it is possible for you to secure funding for your event through sponsorship.  Past sponsors have included local restaurants and businesses, local sporting goods stores, and local bait and tackle shops.   There are also funding programs available through the Fish Florida organization.  To view these opportunities, visit: http://www.fishfloridatag.org/programs/fishing-equipment-program/


4. Decide what supplies you will need for the event and procure them.

If your event will be outside, you may want to get tents to shield your volunteers and participants from the sun.  Tables and chairs for the volunteers (or picnic tables) should be provided for each station.


5. Safety

If needed, you can work with your local fire and sheriff's departments to request paramedics and security to be on site for the event.  It is a good idea to provide water and shade, especially during the hot summer months.  You should clearly mark where water is available, and make sure all your volunteers are aware of the locations.


6. Publicity

Contact local schools and other youth groups to inform them of the event. You may also want to contact the local media to promote your event.

FWC Facts:
The Hunter Safety Mentoring Exemption enables newcomers to purchase a Florida hunting license and hunt during a one-year trial basis.

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