Kid on Pier

Take A Kid Fishing

It is our belief that children and adults who spend time recreating in the outdoors and communing with nature learn to love and understand our fragile environment.

Saltwater Fishing Clinics and More

Clinics for all ages, from kids to adults. Sign up for our Angler Recognition program and so much more.

Marine Quest School Daze

Students in grades 4-8 tour lab stations and hands-on displays at FWC's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs

Recruits anglers from all sectors of society too become responsible stewards of aquatic resources.

Joe Budd Youth Conservation Center

Provides an opportunity for youth to learn about aquatic ecology in a natural setting.

Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program

A statewide effort to educate the public on the problems caused by monofilament line left in the environment, to encourage recycling through a network of line recycling bins and drop-off locations, and to conduct volunteer monofilament line cleanup events.

Suncoast Youth Conservation Center

Provides exciting learning opportunities for youth and families while they participate in recreational outdoor activities along the eastern shore of Tampa Bay.

Everglades Youth Conservation Camp

The Everglades Youth Conservation Camp (EYCC) is located on the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area in western Palm Beach County. The EYCC provides students and campers with unique conservation programs that feature outdoor adventure activities in the Florida Everglades.

FWC Facts:
Programs such as Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs© have successfully reduced the potential for youth attraction to dangerous lifestyles.

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