On-Site Aquatic and Environmental Programs



Fishing Techniques – All ages


Students learn to handle rods and reels, as well as to apply bait and cast. Students also learn various techniques required to catch different fish species.








Wetland Scavenger Hunt– Grades 2-5

Students search for model animals hidden along the wetland nature trail and learn about each animal’s role in its native habitat.








Microscopic Pond Life– Grades 3-12


Students use nets to collect aquatic organisms from the marsh area of Joe Budd Pond, and then use stereoscopes to examine and identify plant and animal species.







Fish Dissection –Grades 5-12


Students use scientific equipment to dissect and analyze stomach content of various species of fish.

FWC Facts:
If you were born on or after June 1, 1975, you must pass a hunter safety course before you can buy a Florida hunting license.

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