Why "Take a Kid Fishing"?

  • Fishing is a fantastic way to spend quality time with a child interacting with them in meaningful ways--away from the stress and interruptions of everyday life.  Where better than fishing to find out what's on their minds and share your values with them?

  • Fishing is an opportunity to teach kids about the diversity of nature and our dependence on a healthy environment, and how people can improve or destroy habitats that have consequences for both wildlife and people.

  • Fishing is a lifetime sport that will provide many hours of recreation, relaxation and time with family and friends.

  • Fishing is a physical activity that helps develop coordination skills without being overly strenuous or competitive and gets them outdoors.

  • Fishing is a way to spark interest in learning more about how to fish effectively, the fish themselves and nature, by reading, exploring the Internet and discussing their experiences with peers.

  • Fishing is fun!

FWC Facts:
The Hunter Safety Mentoring exemption encourages experienced hunters to teach novice hunters about safety, ethics, wildlife, hunting skills and respect for Florida's outdoors.

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