The FWC Imperiled Species Management Section will send you classroom sets of materials about manatees. (Use contact information found on main education page)


Manatee Treasure Box contents       

Manatee Packet

Manatee Activity Booklet (Grades 3-7th, 30 per teacher) PDF (1.78MB)

Commonly Asked Questions about Manatees, Manatee Protection Rules, The Manatee Program and Funding Sources PDF (8MB) (on-line only)

Free manatee decals are available for promotional events (Earth Day, Endangered Species Day, etc.)

Way of the Manatee Program

"Way of the Manatee" Treasure Box Program Report 2000-2004 (Cover) PDF (105KB)

"Way of the Manatee" Treasure Box Program Report 2000-2004 (Report) PDF (322KB)

Imperiled Species Management Section Book List For Teacher Education PDF

Manatee Treasure Box activities



Skulls for Schools

Manatee Skull

Attention: High Schools, Colleges and Universities! A limited number of manatee skulls are available for distribution to education facilities.
Please write FWC for more information:
3700 54th Ave S.
St. Petersburg, FL 32711

University of Wisconsin Manatee Brain Information External Website

Other Resources:

  1. Tutorial on Ocean Color & Slides for Grades 5-12 (NASA) External Website
  2. "Earth from Space" Selected photos of features and processes of the earth, including cities, as seen by astronauts from space. External Website
  3. "NASA Earth Observatory" New satellite imagery and scientific information about Earth's climate & environmental change External Website
  4. "Oceanography from Space Shuttle" Pictorial survey of oceanic phenomenon visible to the naked eye from space. External Website
  5. FWC GIS and Mapping information

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