RBFF-BassGuys.jpgFlorida has outstanding natural resources and our black bass play an important role ecologically and economically as they are enjoyed by both Floridians and tourists. When coupled with responsible conservation management plans and an engaged citizenry that understands the benefits of managing for healthy freshwater fisheries, we can ensure Florida is the undisputed "Bass Fishing Capital of the World." Public input into this plan and innovative thinking will continually enhance our ability to reach our goal and adapt to new technological, environmental, political, and social issues. However, fisheries management is a complex issue and many seemingly straight forward tasks (see Appendix IV, Pro-Con issues) must be examined from multiple viewpoints and are not always within the power of one agency to implement. Therefore, the plan will be a working document that will drive applied research, adaptive management, public involvement, partnership development, and effective marketing. This is an ongoing effort to reach out and connect with our anglers and fishing-related businesses as well as to become more relevant to non-traditional stakeholders.

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FWC Facts:
Our bass fisheries provide significant value to our state. Ensuring healthy lakes and rivers benefits many species of fish and wildlife as well as trophy fisheries.

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