Florida Black Bass Management Plan

Goal: Ensure Florida is the undisputed "Bass Fishing Capital of the World."

Vision: The worldwide angling public recognizes Florida as the "Bass Fishing Capital of the World," based on great resources and responsible management. Florida's bass fisheries provide outstanding ecological, social and economic benefits to the state of Florida.


18lbbass_smith.pngThis Black Bass Management Plan for Florida incorporates widespread public input from surveys and public events/meetings (see Appendix I for a summary of survey results), a citizen's Technical Assistance Group (TAG), and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) staff from multiple divisions and offices (see Appendix II, for participants). We collectively created the plan to engage the public and fishing-related businesses as well as other agencies and nonprofit organizations to ensure Florida is the undisputed "Bass Fishing Capital of the World." The FWC will use the plan as a road map and for impetus in dedicating and acquiring the resources to ensure we fulfill the goal and realize the vision. Although the management plan time frame is 2010-2030, this "living" document will allow adaptive management, public input and new scientific breakthroughs to continually help us improve our results. Our purposes are to: (1) create a scientifically justified document to guide FWC efforts, (2) ensure the public has open input into the objectives and priorities to create ownership and to provide support for conservation efforts, and (3) be proactive and open to new ideas.

This plan involves all FWC divisions and offices, and covers a wide range of actions, from regulation management to law enforcement, habitat restoration, aquatic plant management, boating access, fish stocking, marketing, education and outreach. It will also encourage better effort and resource coordination with partner agencies to ensure Florida is the undisputed "Bass Fishing Capital of the World."


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Bay scallops are bivalve molluscs occurring from New England through Texas. In Fla., they can be harvested in Gulf state waters from Hernando Co. to Mexico Beach Canal in Bay Co.

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