Freshwater Fishing Piers

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is pleased to provide you with this web guide to Commission freshwater fishing piers. Florida is blessed with wonderful freshwater fishing opportunities. Besides being home to the Florida largemouth bass and numerous other game fish, we have over 3 million acres of lakes and 12,000 miles of rivers and streams. As of 1 July, 2003, the boating and fishing access program is collocated with boating safety in the Office of Water Ways Management, within the Division of Law Enforcement.

On these web pages, you will find listings and directions to all current Commission freshwater fishing pier and boardwalk facilities.

Since the mid-1950's, the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, now the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has been building boat ramps. However, it wasn't until 1997 that this project was expanded to create a program for constructing fishing piers and boardwalks to make fishing more accessible and enjoyable for anglers who prefer not to boat or don't have access to a boat.

Current site designs call for upgrading facilities to provide universal accessibility for the disabled. This entails constructing paths for the physically impaired. At many sites, floating dock systems will be placed for better access as monies become available. Project staff are working with county and city personnel to ensure all work at these sites is universally accessible. Universal accessibility for the disabled not only guarantees that a facility is accessible to everyone, but also provides a safer and easier facility for all users.

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Map of Commission Fishing Piers and Boardwalks

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It is common for closely related species such as bluegill (bream) and redear sunfish (shellcracker) to hybridize or spawn with each other.

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