Fish Management Area Regulations

General Regulations for Fish Management Areas

  1. A fishing license is required for residents from 16 to 64 years of age, and for nonresidents 16 or more years of age, to fish by any method, including cane poles, on a Fish Management Area. Refer to Fishing License Fees for exemptions.

  2. The possession of fishing tackle is prohibited on any Fish Management Area that is closed to fishing.

  3. Bag limits and methods of taking freshwater fish apply except as provided for a particular Fish Management Area.

  4. The possession of nets (other than legal minnow seines, cast nets or dip nets), fish traps, trotlines or setlines is prohibited unless specifically authorized by rules established for a particular Fish Management Area.

  5. Persons entering or leaving Fish Management Areas that have designated entry points shall enter or leave only at such designated points.

  6. Any vehicle, boat or other transportation device may be searched while in, entering or leaving a Fish Management Area.

  7. Fish Management Areas may be temporarily closed to accommodate management projects (e.g., drawdowns), or if unsafe conditions exist, or as otherwise specified in a specific Fish Management Area rule.

  8. Intentional release of wildlife or freshwater fish on Fish Management Areas is prohibited.

In addition to these General Regulations for Fish Management Areas, check specific Regional Fish Management Area regulations:

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