Lake Harris

Lake County:

Lake Harris is an 13,788 acre lake located south and east of the City of Leesburg. Access to the lake is from Singletary Park on the outskirts of Leesburg on U.S. Hwy 27, at a City of Leesburg boat ramp in Venetian Gardens off of SR 44 (Dixie Avenue), at the Hickory Point recreational area ($2.00 fee per vehicle) on SR 19 south of Tavares, and in Astatula at a ramp on Florida Avenue west of C.R. 561. Lake Harris Lodge (352-343-4111) is a fish camp located on Lake Harris off of US Hwy 19 south of Tavares, and Palm Gardens (352-343-2024) is located on US Hwy 441 near Tavares.

Fishhound External Website also offers a fishing forecast for the Harris Chain External Website.

 Current Forecast:

Several rock attractors were installed in Lake Harris in 2010.  These attractors are intended to help concentrate fish for anglers to catch.  These attractors should work particularly well for shellcrackers.  Fishing on bottom near the rock attractors should produce some fish.  Worms work well for bottom fishing.  Also, you can target bluegill by locating beds around the shore near the vegetation.  When you locate the bed, be careful not to disturb it.  Fishing with crickets, grass shrimp, or worms on a cane pole should work well.  You may get an occasional warmouth using this method.  Bass fishing is difficult in the summer.  Try fishing over the rock attractors, as these should hold baitfish in all seasons.  Some anglers do well in the summer by fishing shiners at night, and slow trolling along structure.  For the GPS locations of the rock attractors, contact the FWC regional fisheries staff at (352)732-1225.


FWC Facts:
Blue tilapia, or Nile perch, are mouth brooders, carrying fertilized eggs and fry in their mouths to protect them.

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