Collier County

Photo of Lake Trafford and fishing pier

Lake Trafford, located in Collier County, encompasses approximately 1,500 acres. Aquatic vegetation consists of cattail, American lotus, and eelgrass. Fish species present in the lake include largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and large brown bullheads. Access to Lake Trafford is mainly by boat. However, there is a small county park located on the lake that provides some bank access along with a nice public fishing pier. Lake Trafford Marina and the park both have public boat ramps. Services available from the marina include boat rentals, guide service, airboat tours, and bait and tackle.

Anglers wanting the most current lake conditions can contact the Lake Trafford Marina at 239-657-2401.

 Current Forecast:

Lake level is normal for this time of the year with access to near shore areas somewhat limited.  However, the summer rainy season should start bringing more water into the lake as we progress toward late summer and continue through October.  Anglers that venture onto the water have a good chance of catching bluegill on some of the shallow, sandy areas as the bluegill congregate for spawning, Additionally, anglers should target some of the new open-water bulrush sites that have been recently planted by the Aquatic Habitat and Restoration division.  In addition to bluegill, anglers will find a number of redear sunfish (shell cracker) utilizing these new habitat areas.  The latest angler survey of the lake indicated a number of anglers are beginning to target largemouth bass and a few small tournaments have produced good winning catches.  Current size limit on largemouth bass went into effect on July 1, 2008 and is designed to protect young bass that were stocked and give them an opportunity to spawn before they are harvested.  The regulation restricts harvest to 5 fish per day with a minimum length limit of 18 inches and a limit of one fish per person per day over 22 inches.

FWC Facts:
The life expectancy for Gulf sturgeon is 20-42 years. The oldest age documented for a tagged and recaptured Suwannee River Gulf sturgeon is about 27-28 years.

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