Webb Lake and Marl Ponds Fish Management Areas

Charlotte County

Lake Webb

Webb Lake is a man-made 395-acre lake located on the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area in Charlotte County nine miles south of Punta Gorda, and one mile east of I-75. Marl Ponds 1, 2, and 3 are located on either side of Tuckers Grade Road, and are approximately 2 acres each, with excellent bank fishing opp

ortunities. Fish feeders are present on the Marl Ponds and Webb Lake. Three boat ramps provide access to Webb Lake. A Daily Use Permit or Management Area Stamp is required to gain access to the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area.

Current Forecast:

Bluegill (bream) can be caught on crickets, red wigglers, dough balls, and small bits of hotdog fished below a cork.  The ponds have slowed over the past few years, but some quality bluegill can still be caught.  Largemouth bass fishing is improving with warmer  temperatures.  Fish with floating and Texas-rigged plastic worms in junebug, red shad, and smoke colors.  Snook can occasionally be caught using MirrOLures and other large artificial lures.  Snook season remains closed on the west coast, so no harvest is allowed.  Catfish can be caught around the feeders on the ponds using chicken livers and dough balls.  Some catfish are in the 10-pound size, and can give you quite a handful while fishing for bream.  Anglers have reported great fishing with ultra-light tackle for tilapia (Nile perch) using eraser-size bits of hotdog fished around the feeders on Webb Lake.  Commercial fish feed can be purchase at local feed stores, and is a great bait to use to catch bream, catfish, and Nile perch in the ponds and the lake around the feeders.


FWC Facts:
Dolphin, or mahi-mahi, grow remarkably fast, reaching sexual maturity in just 4-5 months, and growing up to 3 feet in one year.

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