Spotted Seatrout

 Spotted seatrout

Spotted Seatrout: Cynoscion nebulosus

Commercial Regulations:

RegulationsNortheast ZoneNorthwest and Southwest ZonesSoutheast Zone
Slot limit 15-24 inches
Daily harvest limit

75 fish per person per day or per vessel, whichever is less 

Commercial vessel limit of 150 with two or more licensed fishermen are aboard

Open Season  June 1-Nov. 30  June 1-Oct. 31  May 1- Sept. 30

*NOTE: Sale and possession of seatrout inventory is allowed for 30 days after the season closes. All spotted seatrout inventory must be reported to the FWC on the Closed Season Spotted Seatrout Declaration Adobe PDF and be submitted to the FWC by the seventh day after a regional closure. A copy must be kept at the place of business through the 30 days following a closure. After 30 days following a regional closure, no spotted seatrout may be possessed in a closed region.

  • Northwest: Escambia County to Fred Howard Park Causeway (June 1- October 31)
  • Southwest: Fred Howard Park Causeway to Monroe County line at Card Sound (June 1- October 31)
  • Southeast: Miami-Dade County at Card Sound to Volusia County line (May 1- Sept 30)
  • Northeast: Volusia County to Nassau County (June 1- November 30)

License Requirements:

  • Saltwater Product License (SPL), Restricted Species Endorsement (RS)

Gear Requirements:

  • hook and line, cast net

Image Credit:Diane Rome Peebles

FWC Facts:
Help remove nonnative lionfish from Florida waters to limit negative impacts to native fish and wildlife. They can be speared, caught in hand-held nets or on hook and line.

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