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  • Workshops: Several workshops are scheduled in late February and early March on the following topics: barracuda, commercial spiny lobster bully netting and Gulf of Mexico state waters recreational red snapper season. Learn more. 

  • Triggerfish: The recreational harvest of gray triggerfish closed in both state and federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico Feb. 7, 2015. This closure will run through Dec. 31. Learn more about the federal closure icon_PDF.gif

  • Attention Dive Shop Owners: Educate others about the lionfish issue by featuring our lionfish brochure in your shop. Send your mailing address to to receive our newest lionfish brochure. Lionfish BrochureAdobe PDF

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Dan Ellinor with gag grouper

Dan Ellinor with a gag grouper

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Freshwater catfish have many external taste buds on their barbels, so they use their sense of taste more than their sight to find prey.

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