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  • Commission Meeting: The FWC Commission discussed several marine fisheries management items Sept. 10 and 11 at the meeting in Kissimmee including:

    • A staff report on the biology and status of goliath grouper
    • Updates on federal fishery management
    • Changing how American eel is managed by establishing a recreational bag limit of 25 and a recreational and commercial minimum size limit of 9 inches
    • Prohibiting the intentional breeding of lionfish and the retention and cultivation of lionfish eggs
    • Setting the bay scallop season to open the Saturday before July 1, unless July 1 falls on a Saturday, in which case the season would start July 1
    • Requiring commercial oyster and clam harvesters to complete an annual training course offered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services outlining proper harvest, handling and transportation practices for shellfish and requiring them to obtain a no-cost Shellfish Harvest endorsement in association with their commercial license.
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Dan Ellinor with gag grouper

Dan Ellinor with a gag grouper

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Many species of fish (many groupers, snook, etc.) are hermaphroditic and change sex at some point in their life.

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