Black Drum

Black Drum: Pogonias cromis

Florida Regulations:  


 Gulf State Waters  Atlantic State Waters
 Slot Limit Slot Limit of 14” to 24” with one fish over 24” 
 Daily Bag Limit  5 per harvester per day (bag limit can include one over 24”) 

Gear Requirements:

  • Legal Gear: hook and line, cast net, seine, spear or gig
  • Illegal Gear: Cannot harvest using any multiple hook in conjunction with live or dead natural bait; Snatching prohibited

State Waters Harvest Seasons

More information:

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Florida Rule External Website                                       

Gulf Federal Waters Rules External Website

Atlantic Federal Waters Rules External Website

Image Credit: Diane Rome Peebles

FWC Facts:
Shrimping is done at night because at least two of the principal shrimp species harvested in Florida, the pink shrimp and the brown shrimp, are nocturnal.

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