blue land crab


Blue Land Crab - Cardisoma guanhumi

Florida Regulations:

RegulationsGulf State WatersAtlantic State Waters
Size Limit  None 
Daily Bag Limit 20 per person per day 


Gear Requirements:

  • Legal Gear: by hand, landing or dip net
  • Illegal Gear: traps, bleach or any other chemical solution

State Waters Harvest Seasons: Closed July 1- October 31


Additional Regulations

  • Harvest, possession, purchase or sale of eggbearing blue land crabs is prohibited.
  • The practice of stripping or otherwise molesting eggbearing blue land crabs in order to remove the eggs is prohibited and the harvest, possession, purchase or sale of blue land crabs from which the eggs, egg pouch or bunion has been removed is prohibited.
  • No person shall harvest or attempt to harvest any blue land crab on, upon or from the right-of-way of any federal, state or county-maintained road, whether paved or otherwise, or from any state park.

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FWC Facts:
Tarpon can supplement their gill breathing by breaching the surface and gulping air to extract oxygen with four rows of lung-like tissue inside their swim bladder.

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