Evolution of Each Saltwater Regulation


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The following is an alphabetical summary of all the Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC) and, subsequently, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) rules that have been adopted since the MFC's inception in 1983 and the FWC's creation in 1999.  Many of these rules have been amended or modified numerous times.  Therefore, note effective dates for the most recent action.  The full text of all marine fisheries rules are listed in Chapter 68B of the Florida Administrative Code External Website (FAC).

This is only a summary of rules promulgated by the MFC or the FWC.  Other saltwater fishing laws are referenced in Chapter 370, Florida Statutes, in various legislative special acts and local laws, and portions of Chapter 68, FAC.

NOTE: MFC rules appeared in Chapter 46 of the F.A.C.; all of these rules have been renumbered and are now published in Chapter 68B of the FAC - references to Chapter 46, which appear throughout this listing, indicate the denotation at the time of the rule's effective date.

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