Lionfish Tournament and Event Calendar

Be The Predator Logo No BackgroundGet involved with lionfish awareness and removal by attending one of the following tournaments or events:
2018 Lionfish Summit External Website: Held  Oct. 2-4 in Cocoa Beach and featured presentations and discussion. View the Summit Agenda Adobe PDF.
Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day: First Saturday after Mother's Day each year. 2018 event details External Website
Become a Reef Ranger External Website: Adopt a reef and pledge to remove and report lionfish.
Host a workshop: Includes lionfish presentation and fillet demonstration. Email name, organization name, location and
an estimated number of attendees


Attention Dive Shop Owners:

Host a "Become the Predator" workshop and lionfish excursion. In partnership with dive shops, FWC educates and trains divers to confidently and safely harvest lionfish. Interested in hosting a workshop and lionfish excursion? Contact

Lionfish Harvest Charter Program: FWC encourages dive shops and charter captains to implement lionfish excursions into their regularly-scheduled charters to meet diver demand and contribute to statewide removal efforts. Apply for the harvest reimbursement program Adobe PDF. Contact to find a dive charter near you.

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Events where you can learn about lionfish:

Upcoming "Become the Predator" workshops: 

Learn about lionfish, their invasion, and how to safely target and remove them from Florida waters. Contact to host your own!

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2018 Tournament Calendar

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DateLocationName External WebsiteContact
2/1-11/30 Florida Florida Spearfishing Tournament Allie ElHage
3/1-5/17 Pensacola Lionfish World Championship (pre-tournament) Andy Ross
3/31 Key Largo REEF Winter Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
4/21 Miami 4Earth Lionfish Derby
5/9-12 Jacksonville North Florida Shootout Eric Welden
5/12 Key Biscayne 1st Annual Key Biscayne Yacht Club Lionfish Derby Darren Betz
5/18-20 Pensacola Lionfish World Championship Andy Ross
5/19 St. Petersburg 2018 Lionfish Calcutta Teresa Hattaway
5/19-20 Panama City Beach Lion Tamer Tournament Leigh Anne Pattenaude
6/1-2 Fort Pierce Martin County 8th Annual Lionfish Round-Up April Price
6/1-3 St. Petersburg Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge Bill Hardman
6/8-10 Fort Pierce Capt. Don's Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari Capt. Dyana Boyd-Voss
6/8-10 Miami REEF Miami Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
6/16 Miami 8th Annual Lionfish Bash Lucy Foerster
6/22-24 Key West 7th Annual That's What She Shot Lea Moeller
6/23 Mexico Beach Mexico Beach Gollywhopper Tournament Zach Childs
6/30 Sebastian Sebastian Lionfish Fest Kendra Cope
7/6-8 Sarasota REEF Saraosta Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
7/13-14 Fort Lauderdale REEF Fort Lauderdale Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
8/3-5 Palm Beach REEF Palm Beach County Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
8/10-12 Jacksonville REEF Jacksonville Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
8/17-19 St. Petersburg St. Pete Open
8/25 Pompano Beach Pompano Beach Lionfish Derby Rob Wyre
9/1 Stuart Buck Wild Fish Roundup
9/14-16 Key Largo REEF Upper Keys Lionfish Derby Ashley Yarbrough
9/28 Sarasota Suncoast Spearfishing Challenge
10/6-7 Navarre Navarre Fishing Rodeo


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Lionfish Tournament Results

For historical tournament results, email

2018 (size is in mm unless otherwise noted)

Name External WebsiteLocationDateNumber HarvestedLargestSmallestNumber of Participants
REEF Winter Lionfish Derby
Key Largo 3/31 414 440 118 49
Lionfish World Championship (pre-tournament) Pensacola 3/1-5/17 4,056 N/A N/A 39
4Earth Lionfish Derby Miami 4/21 7 11.5 in. 8.5 in. 24
North Florida Shootout Jacksonville 5/9-12 144 N/A N/A 14
1st Annual Key Biscayne Yacht Club Lionfish Derby Key Biscayne 5/12 1 N/A N/A 10
Lionfish World Championship Pensacola 5/18-20 9,619 435 73 99
2018 Lionfish Calcutta St. Petersburg 5/19 204 N/A N/A 17
Lion Tamer Tournament Panama City Beach 5/19-20 1,490 17 1/8 in. 0.02 in. 45
Martin County 8th Annual Lionfish Round-Up Fort Pierce 6/1-2 288 15 5/8 in. 5 7/8 in. 22
Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge St. Petersburg 6/1-3 189 N/A N/A 12
REEF Miami Lionfish Derby Miami 6/8-10 308 411 112 16
Capt. Don's Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari Fort Pierce 6/8-10 327 N/A N/A 22
8th Annual Lionfish Bash Miami 6/16 67 26.85 oz 0.2 oz 63
7th Annual That's What She Shot Key West 6/22-24 283 N/A N/A 10
Sebastian Lionfish Fest Sebastian 6/30 52 365 134 36
REEF Saraosta Lionfish Derby Sarasota 7/6 545 391 98 24
REEF Fort Lauderdale Lionfish Derby Fort Lauderdale 7/13-14 509 409 131 24
REEF Palm Beach County Lionfish Derby Palm Beach 8/3-5 175 373 84 121
REEF Jacksonville Lionfish Derby Jacksonville 8/10-12 285 381 31 12
Pompano Beach Lionfish Derby Pompano Beach 8/25 256 N/A N/A 57
REEF Upper Keys Lionfish Derby Key Largo 9/14-16 1,196 396 56 50
Suncoast Spearfishing Challenge Sarasota 9/28 107 410 160 12
Navarre Fishing Rodeo Navarre 10/6-7 0 N/A N/A 14

Total: 23 derbies


Total: 20,522 lionfish


More information:

Lionfish Recreational Regulations

Lionfish Species Information

Lionfish Brochure Adobe PDF

Donate to the Lionfish Outreach Program External Website

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