Lionfish Derby and Event Calendar

Local control efforts such as lionfish derbies have shown to be an effective means of lionfish control. Several of these events are held across the state annually along with many other lionfish related educational events. Find a lionfish derby or lionfish-related educational event near you.


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The Twisted Tuna, 4290 SE Salerno Rd, Port Salerno, FL 34997

MCAC Artificial Reef Builders Lionfish Round-Up

MCAC Reef Fund, Inc., PO Box 1852, Palm City, FL 34991; 772-223-1685

Fort Lauderdale - 15th Street Fisheries

REEF - Teeples Memorial or 305-852-0030

Panama City Beach - Captain Anderson's Marina

Lion Tamer Dive Tournament

Stacie Galbreath 850-527-8022 or



Jacksonville - Beach Marine

2nd Annual North Florida Lionfish Rodeo

904-445-1535 or

Palm Beach - Sailfish Marina

REEF - Summer Derby Series or 305-852-0030
Sept. Date to be determined  

Pensacola - Flora Bama Yacht Club - 17350 Perdido Key Drive


Gulf Coast Lionfish Roundup Series


Andy Ross 850-529-2475


Key Largo - John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

REEF - Summer Derby Series or 305-852-0030


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Data from previous events

Name Location Date #LionfishHarvested Smallest Largest
Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast Jacksonville 3/28-4/28/2014 2068    

Gulf Coast Lionfish Roundup Series

Pensacola 5/1-5/4/2014 1914    

Reef Monitoring Lionfish RoundUp




Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari

Fort Pierce


581 399 mm 97 mm 

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