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The Division of Marine Fisheries Management often holds workshops to gather information on marine fisheries issues for potential rulemaking. All workshops are open to the public, as public input is an important and valued component of the Commission's rulemaking process. Written public comments are also accepted via e-mail at

Upcoming Public Workshops


Advisory Boards and Workgroups

The Division of Marine Fisheries Management occasionally convenes workgroups or advisory boards to gather public comment on complex marine fisheries issues for potential rulemaking. Some of these boards are created by law in rule and others are more informal and have a limited lifespan. Members of these groups have extensive knowledge or a vested interest in the fishery. These groups and boards are advisory only and are used as just one of the ways the FWC gathers public comment on a topic that might be considered by the agency's Commissioners for their review and possible consideration for rulemaking.

The meetings of these groups are open to the public and have a specified time for public comment during each meeting. If Workgroup or Advisory Board recommendations are considered by the Commission for possible rulemaking, then formal public hearings will be conducted to gather additional public input and public comment will be taken on the issue at Commission meetings. Written public comment on any marine fisheries issue is always welcomed via e-mail at

Advisory Board and Workgroup Information


Rule Cleanup

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is updating and clarifying several existing rules related to marine fisheries as well as creating a new General chapter in an effort to make them easier to read, understand and enforce.

Phase 1 of this process was approved at the June 2013 meeting in Lakeland.

Learn more about the rule cleanup process. 


FWC Facts:
It is common for closely related species such as bluegill (bream) and redear sunfish (shellcracker) to hybridize or spawn with each other.

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