Webinar Instructions


Directions for participation in the webinar by computer

  • The following link will take you to the webinar: http://fwc.adobeconnect.com/mfm/ 
  • Please sign in 5 to 10 minutes early in order to ensure you have a good connection to Adobe Connect Pro (this workshop is from 6-8 p.m. EDT)
  • When logging in, click “Enter as a Guest” and enter your email address in the box for your name. This will allow staff to contact you with follow-up information after the webinar, if needed.

If your computer has speakers, you should be able to hear the presentation through your computer.  If the sound is not working, or you do not have speakers, please call into the telephone conference call number below while watching the webinar.

To join by telephone

  • Conference call phone number: 888-670-3525
  • Participant pass code 5981884042 then #
  • Please mute your line during the call
  • Please download a copy of the workshop presentation before calling so you can follow along during the staff presentation: Presentation will be uploaded soon.
  • Please mute your line during the call. To mute, dial [#6].
  • If you need to unmute in order to ask a questionduring the questions and answers period after the presentation, dial [*6]

Webinar protocol

Following the introductions, staff will provide a brief presentation.

There will be a question and answer time after the presentation.

  • Please email your questions during the webinar to Marine@MyFWC.com
  • We will answer all questions live during the webinar
  • Any questions that cannot be answered by the end of the webinar (8 p.m.) will be answered by email by the end of the week

Please Note:There is a cap of 100 participants that can be logged into the online webinar at once. We do not expect the webinar to fill up. If the webinar should reach capacity and you are unable to attend, contact Marine Fisheries at the email or phone number below for more information on how to get more information and provide feedback.

For more information or questions, contact Marine Fisheries at Marine@MyFWC.com  or 850-487-0554.



FWC Facts:
Tarpon are also known as silver kings, tarpum, cuffum and sábalos.

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