Citizen Science

Eastern chipmunk

Help expand our knowledge of what is happening with Florida’s fish and wildlife by getting involved as a citizen scientist and assisting the FWC with research and management efforts. There are plenty of opportunities to help out and you are not required to be a biologist or have special training. Just share what you see and experience when you are participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, biking, bird watching, fishing, boating, photography or even just sitting in a backyard or on a park bench.

The information you provide is valuable, giving our staff an enhanced, up-to-date picture of the status of Florida’s fish and wildlife. Citizen science is a smart, cost-effective strategy that enhances the FWC’s ability to conserve Florida’s diversity of fish and wildlife species and their habitats, but it can also be fun and educational for you. Get started by viewing the Sightings, Surveys and Hotlines links on this page.



Help the FWC collect recordings of sightings of a particular species.


Help the FWC gather information about a particular species or project.


Notify the FWC about a particular issue.


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