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Breakout & Agency Specific Training

What is "breakout" or "agency specific" training?

After completing a Basic Recruit Curriculum academy, those hired by FWC begin additional training of approximately eight weeks involving agency specific topics.  For instance, fish & wildlife conservation laws, vessel accident investigations, vessel handling, ATV training, and man-tracking, are just some of the topics to be covered.

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Where do I stay during the breakout training?

In the dormitory at the Florida Public Safety Institute-FWC Law Enforcement Training Center.

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Is there a graduation ceremony for family and/or friends to attend?

Yes.  At the end of the breakout training a family day is held where recruit-officers present performance demonstrations, facility tours and equipment displays.  Afterwards, a formal graduation ceremony is held where the Oath of Office is given and badges are presented.

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What happens after the agency specific training and graduation is completed?

The Officer then reports to their assigned location to begin up to 16 weeks Field Training Officer (FTO) program.  This program places the new Officer with an experienced trainer that continues the training process to ensure the new Officer is learning the details of the job.

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What kind of transportation will I likely be assigned once I have completed all my training?

That depends on where you are stationed and what your particular duties are.  FWC has a wide range of motor vehicles, water craft and utility vehicles.  Did we mention our big boat fleet and the Aviation Unit?


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