Chinsegut Conservation Center Volunteer Program

Volunteer-bird-hike.jpgChinsegut volunteers share a passion for nature and local heritage and work together as a team to help the public and visitors connect to their "backyard" and the natural wonders of the region; volunteers are a part of continuing the beauty and heritage of the Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area and Conservation Center.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about wildlife, land management, pioneer heritage and environmental education. Chinsegut volunteers earn Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission t-shirts and hats and are recognized for their work at social events and awards programs.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds including students, scouts, retirees, families and professionals with specific skills and interests. All have a common interest in giving back to their community with time, knowledge and skills to support the natural resources we share.

Volunteer opportunities are numerous and include working at the conservation center, maintaining conservation center trails, facilities and grounds, assisting with festivals and environmental education programs, creating and maintaining butterfly gardens and wildlife habitat, assisting with offsite public outreach, participating in citizen science and wildlife surveys and engaging children and adults in experiencing the natural wonders of the area.


How to sign up

For more information on volunteering at the Chinsegut Conservation Center, E-mail the volunteer coordinator or call 352-754-6722.

More information

For more information, visit the Learn more about the Chinsegut Conservation Center

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