Youth Hunting Program of Florida Volunteer

Youth Hunting LogoThe Youth Hunting Program of Florida was established to increase the number of youth involved in educational, safe, mentored wildlife and hunting activities through the opportunity to participate in the hunting heritage.

Volunteer Opportunities

To help preserve hunting for future generations, today's youth must be provided quality hunting experiences. There are many volunteer opportunities for you to participate in the Youth Hunting Program.

Young Hunter Our volunteers:

  • Become Huntmasters who are trained to plan, coordinate, manage, and lead youth hunts
  • Oversee firearm instruction and supervise shooting ranges
  • Conduct hunter education activities
  • Serve as hunting guides
  • Provide medical expertise
  • Serve as cooks
  • Provide written articles and take photographs

How to sign up

To sign up as a Youth Hunting Program of Florida Volunteer, complete the Youth Hunting Program of Florida Huntmaster Application PDF (107KB) and mail to:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Hunter Safety and Public Shooting Ranges Section
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600
(850) 413-0085

More information

For more information on the hunter safety program, visit the Youth Hunting Program of Florida Web site.

FWC Facts:
Snook are ambush feeders, often hiding behind bridge pilings, rocks and other submerged structures to surprise their prey.

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