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Help a critical wildlife habitat by helping a volunteer

The Ridge Rangers are raising funds to provide hydration drinks, energy food, and gear for volunteers doing challenging restoration planting in summer 2015 for Project Acorn.

Donations are tax deductible and go to the Project Acorn account at the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, a registered 501(c)(3) organization (FEIN 59-3277808). $10 goes a long way!

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2,425 Scrub Oaks Planted for Project Acorn!

Photo taken by reporter covering the July 12 Project Acorn planting. Courtesy: Highlands Today.

Over four workdays in July and early August 2014, 70 volunteers helped to complete this year's Project Acorn effort by planting 2,425 baby scrub oaks to restore 10 acres of damaged oak-scrub habitat at the FWC Royce Unit. These scrub oaks were grown from acorns gathered last fall by Ridge Rangers and then potted by attendees at community festivals.

Although the planting days were very warm, everyone who helped enjoyed a great view of a remote conservation area, and each person felt like they made a real difference towards restoring the habitat.


A volunteer from the Sebring LDS Church waters-in a just planted baby oak on July 12, 2014.

Although the plantings were done in July to take advantage of the summer rains, we wanted to make sure every plant had a good start!

From gathering the acorns thru the final planting ... see 48 pictures from the 10 month project on FlickrExternal Website.

Would you like to help with Project Acorn 2015?

We’ll be gathering and potting acorns again this fall. Here’s more:

  • Gathering scrub oak acorns independently in the Avon Park, Sebring, and Lake Placid Areas: Please contact FWC’s Brad Kolhoff at for maps and instructions. You’ll need a ziplock bag, a little temporary storage space in your refrigerator, and the ability to move and navigate along firebreaks on conservation sites.
  • Ridge Rangers Workday Gathering Acorns… and bird viewing! Join Biologist Brad Kolhoff on October 4 at 7 AM for two hours of seeing and learning about birds at the FWC Royce Unit, and then help gather select acorns for another couple of hours (You can do either or both). Workday Event Details
  • Help festival attendees pot acorns at Boktoberfest. October 18.  Help staff the Ridge Rangers booth where we’ll be explaining the project as well as what the Ridge Rangers do, and engaging festival attendees to pot acorns for restoration planting. Boktoberfest Event Details

Project Acorn is a multiyear effort by the Ridge Rangers to gather and pot scrub-oak acorns, maintain the sprouts, and plant the resulting baby oaks in damaged scrub oak habitat on the Lake Wales Ridge.

This project is also financially supported by the Disney Worldwide Conservation FundExternal WebsiteDisney’s commitment to promote the happiness and well-being of kids and families is dependent on protecting the planet for future generations. Not only are we committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, but we also work to leverage funds and expertise to help conserve nature and inspire kids to build lifelong conservation values.

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