Highlands Lakes Volunteer Program

Highlands Lakes Volunteer Program

Highland Volunteers Trophycatch

Highlands Lakes Volunteers provide tournaments with help entering their catches into FWC's Trophy Catch Program.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Highlands Lakes volunteers provide services to help FWC biologists with important fisheries projects in Highlands County.  Program activities are primarily on Lake Istokpoga, Lake Josephine, Lake June-in-Winter and Lake Placid.

FWC Highlands Lakes volunteers collect important fisheries data while also getting an important personal education in fisheries management techniques.

This program is a good fit with the schedules of many of our winter visitors since most of the activities take place during the cooler fall, winter and spring months. 

Highland Volunteers Trawl

Two Highlands Lakes Volunteers work with an FWC biologist netting samples for evaluation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Working with FWC provides Highlands Lakes volunteers hands-on experience with some of the largest bass they will ever see.  They also get great insights into fisheries management programs, participating in weigh-ins at bass tournaments and collecting samples during electroshocking procedures.


How to sign up

Highland Volunteers Tournament

Highlands Lakes Volunteers taking measurements during a Lake Istokpoga bass tournament.

We keep an e-mail list of persons who are interested in volunteer activities and give them regular notification of future events.  When something comes along that looks interesting, the volunteer lets the coordinator know and the volunteer's name is added to the roster for that event.

To add your name to our e-mail list and receive advance notice of future volunteer events, e-mail the program coordinator.

To see what's happening currently with the Highlands Lakes Volunteers contact the volunteer coordinator.


Please note - the program is inactive during the summer months due to high water temperatures and frequent inclement weather. 

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